Q: My package was shipped from a company called "Rocket Logistics", who is that?
"Rocket Logistics" is a member of The ScottyRocket Group and provide the group with shipping services....they do the hands on shipping of the physical products. It's just better to have one shipping account for the group rather than many seperate ones.

Q: Do you ship nitro fuel or li-po batteries?
Nitro Fuel can be shipped by UPS ground only! A hazardous materials fee is included in the price. We are not currently set up to ship Li-po packs, but we hope to be able to do that by August 2014.

Q: Are there any contries you do not ship to?
If paying by Crypto Currency, we will ship your order to any country that USPS and UPS will ship to... but we will also review each international purchase and it will be our decision weather or not to ship to you. If for any reason we decide not to ship, you will be refunded your funds.

Q: I am outside the U.S., Can I order from you?
Currently we only offer a pre-pay option of the Crypto Currencies we accept...IE Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. Please contact us first to get a total amount that includes shipping, then we will send you a link to pay. Once we recive payment we will then ship your order. We are working on other solutions to provide our prospective international customers additional safe and easy ways to make a purchase including direct credit card purchases.

Q: What is The R/C Pro-Shop's Mission?
A: Our Mission:
We take your business seriously. R/C is about having fun and we want to minimized the amount of time and effort that goes into your search for the perfect additions to your fleet of vehicles. That is why we have setup our website to be informative and minimalist yet still very functional and fast. All your account info can be accessed at the bottom of any page along with all of the other pertinent info you may be looking for before you make a purchase. We value your time!

We will continue to refine the shopping experience and offer the best products and the best prices anywhere!!! If you happen to come across an issue on the site, please feel free to use the "Contact Us" page and tell us about your expereince. We will fix what ever the issue may be as quickly as possible. We also take suggestions as well.... so let us know what you are thinking about the products and service our website provides....maybe even a company we don't offer yet.

Q: What is "The ScottyRocket Group"?
A: ScottyRocket is our overall brandname. It includes several companies and websites. The group of companies includes The R/C Pro-Shop, Pro Designs Plus, ScottyRocket R/C Products, Rocket Logistics and ScottyRocket Shocks. All of which do business within the R/C hobby and Fullsize racing industries. From signs and racecar wraps to mailorder and T-Maxx upgrades, we've been involved for nearly 30 years.

Heres is a list of The ScottyRocket Group properties: www.RadRC.com, www.ScottyRocket.com, www.ProDesignsPlus.com, www.TheRCProShop.com and www.KillerMaxx.com. Please check them out if you have time.